Each year, coinciding with Mandela Day, the Duncan Studio of Celtic Dance has their dancers and parents filling Jars of Hope to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Each jar makes up a wholesome soup comprising half a cup each of rice, soup mix and lentils, along with one unwrapped stock cube and a packet of soup powder.

Sue Theron, founder of the Duncan Studio of Celtic Dance says, “Community service work has always been a strong focus of mine to engender a sense of community service among our dancers who range in age from 4 years to over 20 years old. We dance on many occasions to raise funds for charity, but this time of the year we make up Jars of Hope. We filled 171 jars and donated these to the community organisation Butterfly Change for Children, whose aim it is to improve the lives of children living in the Hammanskraal area north of Pretoria, where they work directly with the children or indirectly through empowering their caregivers.

“Butterfly Change for Children is an amazing organisation assisting children in need in Hammanskraal by working to improve their circumstances in any way possible. Their mission is to meet the children’s spiritual, emotional and physical needs and create a safe, healthy, well-equipped environment conducive to the children’s development.”

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