Dancer Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our dancers is of utmost importance. We adhere to strict COVID-19 safety protocols. Please familiarise yourselves with our policy by clicking on the COVID-19 menu or click here.

To ensure a dancer’s physical health, we have a sprung solid wooden floor in our studio that is maintained throughout the year to help avoid dancer injury, such as shin splints. We work closely with Biokineticist, Joanna Coetzee who provides conditioning classes (Pilates and core conditioning, stretching and injury prevention exercises). A series of videos by Joanna can be viewed on our Facebook page.

Psychologically, we prepare dancers fully for competition and exam work to ensure a good state of mental health. Passion and compassion are equally important in developing a love for dance. Enjoyment, self-enrichment, self-belief, growth and confidence for the dancer is what we work on achieving. We also group dancers according to their level to ensure that they feel comfortable. At the same time, we expose our less experienced dancers to more senior dancers to inspire them and to help give them a sense of the direction in which they are heading.

International Teachers’ Group

On behalf of CLRG, an international teachers’ working group was formed, tasked to be a supportive body for teachers worldwide during COVID-19 in terms of teaching challenges that presented themselves.

Many interesting articles can be found on the CLRG’s online magazine: Click here to access it.

 Health tips for Dancers

  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat healthily and regularly – don’t miss meals
  • Sleep enough
  • Consult your teacher if you have hurt yourself or suspect an injury
  • Remember: If something hurts while you are dancing, stop and listen to your body.

If you have been injured whether while dancing or from sport or any other cause, ensure you allow proper healing before commencing with dancing. As a studio, we always recommend consulting those who are professional in terms of injury prevention, assessment and rehabilitation.

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