St. Patrick’s Day around the world is a celebration of Irish culture and South Africa is no exception to celebrating whole-heartedly! Annually, our dancers are invited to perform at the Irish South African Association’s events and at numerous other venues in and around Johannesburg.

It’s a busy few days … and the perfect opportunity on our dancing calendar to perform outside of competitions. Even our little ones from 5 years old get to show off the steps they have learnt. It really is a confidence booster for our dancers and a particularly convivial and sociable time, coupled with extreme high energy.

Our senior dancers enthralled diplomats, cultural and business leaders at the Irish Embassy’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the Market Theatre, while our younger dancers brought joy to the elderly at retirement villages in Bryanston and Sunninghill. But it didn’t end there. Our dancers performed for guests at the Irish South African Association’s Golf prize-giving at Wanderer’s Golf Club, at pubs being Molly Malone’s and Irish Rock (Little Falls and Radiokop), ending off with another superb function hosted by the Association at the Milk Bar at George Lea Park, where guests were entertained by our full contingent of dancers after which they equally enjoyed the Ireland vs England rugby game screening.

Whilst much hard work, choreographing, practice and organising goes into these events, it’s an opportunity we grab with both hands to showcase our dancers’ abilities, promote our studio, fundraise and especially promote, to a wider audience, Irish dancing in South Africa.

Hats off to our dancers for their very hard work and stellar performances!

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