Our dancers have done us proud over many years both locally and internationally.

Irish Dance World Championships 2022 Belfast
Jenna Abbott, Anastasia Strouthos, Hayley Hubbert and Reagan Moore represented us at this significant 50th world championship in Belfast from 10-17 April 2022

South African Irish Dance Championships (Oireachtas) 2019
36 of our dancers from ages 5 to 26 competed in various sections of the competition, with Jenna Abbott taking the title of SA Champion in the 18/19 age group and Kian Steytler (17) who has won the championship four times, being awarded SA Champion in the Men and Boys (All Ages) group.
PC winner: Shriya Naidoo (Bun)
2 Céilí trophies

South African Irish Dance Championships (Oireachtas) 2018
Kian Steytler & Kiely Walsh Award* / Anastasia Strouthos 15-16 years
PC winners: Reagan Moore, Abigail Skinner, Emma Ribeiro & Louisa Zainal (Adv Tus)
2 Céilí trophies.

United States of America 2018
2018 group of 10 dancers toured and competed successfully at three different competitions (Feis at the Beach in New Jersey, Connecticut Irish Dance Championships and Lenihan School Feis in Connecticut) bringing home numerous awards.

All Irelands Irish Dance Championships
Our Irish dancers competed successfully at these Championships in 2010, 2011, 2012 and again in 2019 with many of them being awarded medals for recalls in their dance rounds.

Bernard van der Kuil and Jason du Plessis received an overall recall in these championships held in Killarney in 2011 and were placed in the top 10 and 20 of their respective age groups.

Irish Dance World Championships 2017 Dublin
Andrea van der Kuil and Kealan Dale participated in their respective sections.

South African Irish Dance Championships (Oireachtas) 2017
CC winners: Anastasia Strouthos under 15 years and winner of Kiely-Walsh Trophy**. Kealan Dale under 19 years; PC winners: Erin Byrne (Bun) & Luca Davies (Adv Tus); 1 Céilí trophy.

All Scotland Championships in Glasgow and City of Birmingham Championships – 2015-2017
2015 and 2017 with dancers participating and receiving awards and overall places in the Preliminary (Pre- Championship) sections.

Irish Dance World Championships 2016 Glasgow
Andrea van der Kuil and Kealan Dale participated, with Kealan receiving the Aisling* Award (Ladies Under 18 years).

South African Irish Dance Championships (Oireachtas) 2016
CC winner: Kealan Dale under 18 years; PC winners: Reagan Moore (Bun), Louisa Zainal (Tus) and Meaghan Killey (Adv Tus); 3 Céilí trophies.

South African Irish Dance Championships (Oireachtas) 2015
CC winner: Kealan Dale under 16 years; PC winners: Lulama Lingela and Hannah Silcock (Bun) / Meaghan Killey (Tus), Abigail Skinner and Shannon Hewett (Adv Tus); 4 Céilí trophies.

Irish Dance World Championships 2015 Montreal
Bernard van der Kuil recalled and placed 20th in Senior Men & was the Aisling* Award recipient.

Irish Dance World Championships 2014 London
Solo dancers and Céilí teams participated with Bernard van der Kuil receiving the Aisling* Award (Senior Men).

Irish Dance World Championships 2013 Boston
Neil Roberts, Jason du Plessis and Bernard van der Kuil receiving overall recalls placing 23rd, 17th and 27th respectively in their sections.

Irish Dance World Championships 2012 Belfast
Neil Roberts & Jason du Plessis – 12th place overall (under 17 years).

Irish Dance World Championships 2011 Dublin
Jason du Plessis and Bernard van der Kuil were awarded a recall and placed overall 8th and 17th in their respective age sections – a first for South Africa having dancers recalled for the final round and being placed overall.

Irish Dance World Championships 2007 Glasgow
9 Irish dancers of the studio in solo and Céilí dancing competed at these Championships, being among the first South Africans to compete at this level.

Highland Dancing Military Tattoos – South Africa and Switzerland
Highland dancers of the studio represented South Africa as part of the team that performed daily at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Basel Tattoo in Switzerland from 2006 to 2008. Both Highland and Irish dancers performed in the SA Tattoo held at Montecasino between 2008 and 2018.

Dancer recall: For a dancer to be recalled is quite an accolade in international competitions, especially the World Championships (which is like the Olympics of Irish Dance), as only 50% of participating dancers are recalled to dance their final round (a modern set that they perform on their own in front of 7 adjudicators). Out of those recalled, the final placings are done.

**Kiely-Walsh Award – the first three placed dancers in each age group of the Croabh Comórtas, male and female events, are called back to take part in a dance off for the Kiely-Walsh Trophy. Each dance a step down the line of Hard Shoe (Heavy Jig or Hornpipe) and Soft Shoe (Reel or Slip Jig) and the official adjudicators of the Oireachtas adjudicate this event. Once a dancer has won the event, he/she may not participate in the event again. In the event of a past winner being in the first three places, the next dancer in line will qualify for the dance off.

*The Aisling award is presented to the highest placing dancer from Mexico, Asia, Mainland Europe, Nordic Countries, South Africa or South America. The word Aisling means to dream and CLRG’s dream is that it will inspire these dancers towards excellence in Irish Dance.

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